Deilor reveals Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard

Luis “Deilor” Sevilla, the former coach of Fnatic’s League of Legends team, today revealed his latest project in esports.

The “Shortcut”, described as an Open Source Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard, is designed with the players’ health in mind. Deilor has identified that the existing keyboard is essentially using the old design of a typewriter from 200 years ago. This layout was never intended for esports players who train for multiple hours a day, all year round.
Injuries in esports are becoming much more common as the demands on the players increase. In League of Legends, notable players such as Freeze, Hai, Bjergsen and Pawn have suffered from injuries caused from playing so much, to the point that they are damaging their bodies.

The keyboard is still in the prototype phase. Deilor is actively looking for testers to help refine the Shortcut. For more information, visit to help mold what could be the future of esports.

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