ELeague Odds – Virtus Pro slight favourites

After a controversial ending to 2016, caused by conflicts between teams, players and owners, Counterstrike heads into 2017 with the first major of the year just a couple of weeks away. E-League will be hosting their first major, debuting the new Swiss format.

Despite being defeated in the finals of their last two LAN events, Virtus Pro are the bookmakers favourite at 11/2. The organisation recently announced the players had signed long term deals extending to 2020.

FC Copenhagen, making their debut in esports following the signing of the ex-Team Dignitas, are installed as the 5th favourites at 8/1.

The current parity in Counterstrike makes the ELeague Major incredibly hard to predict, represented in the relatively close odds for most teams. The fact that the 13th¬†favourite is only 18/1 shows what an exciting event it could be. The full odds list are below, supplied by betway.com¬†–


Virtus Pro – 11/2

NaVi – 13/2

Astralis – 7/1

FC Copenhagen – 8/1

SK Gaming – 8/1

Optic – 11/1

Faze Clan – 13/1

Envyus – 13/1

Gambit – 16/1

G2 – 16/1

Godsent – 16/1

Fnatic – 17/1

MouseEsports – 18/1

HellRaisers – 21/1

Team Liquid – 51/1

Flipside – 65/1

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