Gym Etiquette for Noobs



Have you just signed up to a gym for the new year? If so, congratulations! Your fitness journey starts here! Regular gym goers are generally aware of gym “etiquette”, the unwritten rules of the gym. New gym users who break this etiquette are not looked at fondly!

No worries, here at, we will help you with what to do/not do at the gym.

Don’t carry all your possession around

Gym users don’t want to be walking around your bags, wallets, or phones. Bring a padlock with you, and throw all your stuff in a locker.

Don’t lift in front of the weights rack

Most dumbbells will be stored on a huge rack. Don’t pick up weights, and lift them while you are still in front of the rack, you just get in the way of other people wanting to use the weights.

Bring a small towel with you, and wipe after!

You get sweaty at the gym, that is fine. But if you are sitting on any equipment, make sure you give the seat a courtesy wipe after (no need for a full spray clean though!)

Don’t be overbearing

Are you waiting for a machine? No problem, just don’t stand over them as they use the machine, this ruins their gym experience. Likewise, don’t make it so obvious that you are waiting, to the point that you make them uncomfortable.

We recommend that you just ask them “How many sets do you have left?”, this will give you a rough estimate on when the machine will be free, allowing you to do something else in the mean time.

Using the squat rack or bench press? Put your weight plates away

Other gym users shouldn’t have to remove weight plates because you were too lazy to! Put them away after you have finished. Also helps out the staff too!

Be aware of where you are walking

Be careful not to get in peoples way when walking from one area to another. For example, another gym user may be performing some walking lunges. Don’t walk in their predicated path, very annoying!

Be sweaty, don’t be smelly!

Sure, the gym is a place to get a sweat on, but have consideration for others! Use some deodorant before you start out! On the flip side, don’t go too crazy, people don’t want the gym to smell like it is a cosmetics section in a department store.

Don’t stay on a machine for too long.

At peak times especially, be wary of how long you are using a piece of equipment for. At peak times, using something for anything longer than 15 minutes is poor form.

If somebody asks if they can share a machine, the correct answer is yes.

When using a weights machine, you will most likely need a couple of minutes rest. If a fellow gym user politely asks to jump on in between your lifting, say yes to be polite.

Remember it is not your equipment

Treat the machines and weights with care, not only for the gym, but other members too. Don’t drop weights too hard, that will just piss off members and potentially damage the floor and equipment.

Ask around if you are not sure if you can use a bench

Gym benches and equipment do not have a 3 second rule. If a member has went to grab some water, this doesn’t mean you can grab his bench. If there is some uncertainty to the availability of a bench, ask somebody nearby.

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